Entrepreneurs share about working with Virtual Assistants

Jessica Lipton

Jessica Lipton

Founder/President of Elevate Delta 8

For most of my entrepreneurial career, I’ve done close to everything myself since I know that if I want something to be done right, I have to do it myself.

With growth, however, that became an exceedingly lofty task and required me to hire a virtual assistant to manage my website.

Hiring a virtual assistant at first may be difficult for some.

You’ll essentially be bringing someone else in to share your life’s work and it may be hard to trust anyone to do so.

Thankfully, I did find many benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants such as:

24 Hour Office Team:
Virtual assistants reduce the burden on in-house employees by sharing the workload and reducing the time it takes to complete a particular task.

For example, my in-house employees will collect and compile data for a marketing campaign during the day while a virtual team analyses and transforms that data into meaningful and actionable information during the night.

Allowing me to prepare for meetings and make strategic decisions the very next morning.

Outsourcing tasks that aren’t the best use of my time:
Virtual assistants help business owners by doing tasks that probably aren’t the best use of their time.

If I’m preparing for a meeting or a presentation, a virtual assistant will usually research for me and provide me with a complete PowerPoint presentation.

All that’s left for me to do is actually give the presentation and make it all sound great.

I believe that’s what entrepreneurs should hire a VA for, to let them handle the backend of their business so that they can focus on the core competencies.

Access to new skills:
You can stay on top of technological trends by hiring a VA that’s experienced in the tools that you’ll need to keep your business from falling behind.

Hiring someone that understands social media trends and updates regarding social influencers can provide you with access to knowledge that could prove to be valuable to your marketing campaign.

I hope this helps you out!

If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Elevate Delta 8

Mike Moran

Mike Moran

Founder of Green Lion Search Group

Virtual assistants were particularly handy when I was first setting up my staffing business.

I was able to hire very talented people on demand for the usual start-up needs including setting up a website and a sales funnel, social media marketing, client outreach, product testing, and customer relations management.

I found using VAs for all these different tasks to be budget-friendly; anyone starting a business from the ground can testify that keeping costs reasonable is imperative.

Aside from the cost-saving, I found my VAs to have a very strong work ethic, not to mention that they brought highly-sought expertise without the attached costs of an in-person assistant.

All in all, I have had a very good experience working with VAs and I would strongly advise any entrepreneur to try using such services especially if you are on a tight budget.

The only downside is that depending on where you source your VA from, there might be quite a learning curve before the assistant gets in the groove and delivers the desired outcome.

But, with a little coaching and supervision, your assistant or team of assistants can really save you time and generally improve the quality of your life.

Green Lion Search

Emanuel Petrescu

Emanuel Petrescu

Founder of Emanuel P

I am a (busy) digital marketer so inevitably I’ve worked with VA from all over the world (mostly South Asia and East-Europe).

I have hired different VAs for different projects.

With some, I still keep in touch and collaborate every now and then, when the time and budget permit.

A great experience with a VA depends on many factors, but based on my experience so far I would say this: test it out first and see what their approach is.

Whenever I work with a new assistant, I look more into the mindset and not necessarily the technical skills, that can be easily taught.

And from what I’ve learned while training other entrepreneurs to work with VA – be aware of the VA’s expertise and why you hired her in the first place.

She might be great at managing your email list, but the moment you ask her to create a social media post, you get disappointed with the results.

Did you hire her for her social media skills or for managing the list?

Emanuel P

Jimmy Doheny

Jimmy Doheny

Director of Revenue Operations at Demand.io

VAs are an integral part of our team.

With nearly 40 VAs on our team, we’ve gone through the hiring process many times.

Platforms like Upwork are a great resource due to their large candidate pool and structured work experience data, but we’ve found some of our best VAs through internal VA referrals.

When onboarding a new VA, it’s important to thoroughly document their tasks and take time to train them (usually over a few video calls).

As they get started on a new task, I’ll spend extra time double checking their work.

This way you catch any mistakes early on and they can quickly improve.

Lastly, get to know your VAs on a personal level!

You’ll learn a ton about new cultures and form a deeper relationship, resulting in a VA who truly cares about their job.


Pavel Stepanov

Pavel Stepanov

CEO of Virtudesk

I hired my first virtual assistant when I was still a real estate agent.

At the time, I was working 12-16 hours a day without any real breaks.

Hiring a virtual assistant saved me from the hamster wheel grind of repetitive tasks.

I was able to double the amount of appointments I set, the deals I closed, and my revenue that year.

I realized that virtual assistants were capable of increasing my business productivity and scalability, by allowing me to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

I was able to take more vacations, spend more time with family, and get more rest, while doubling my business’s performance.

In my experience, I think virtual assistants are highly skilled in doing administrative, prospecting, and marketing tasks.

At the same time, they are cost-effective compared to an in-house employee.

Imagine how much you can save from your cost operations including wage, taxes, overhead, and more.

Observing the uniqueness of this model, I was inspired to found my own virtual assistant company in 2016, Virtudesk.

Now, I am managing over 300 virtual assistants from the Philippines and continuously growing Virtudesk.