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The best way to be successful with your venture is by learning the true experiences of others who have already done it.

We offer amazing podcasts, blogs, and other great content that tells you the reality of what it is like to start, run, grow, and exit your business, all while protecting your mental health.

As soon as I received my diploma in May 2008, I sold everything except the clothes on my back and moved to Wuhan, China.

12 years later, I’m extremely grateful for all the incredible experiences I’ve had.

My entrepreneurial journey began with an accident, but led me to this moment in time.

I’ve created this community for aspiring entrepreneurs so we can dive deep on all parts of the rollercoaster ride we’ve decided to get on.

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#66: How to Build an 8-Figure Marketplace with Bryan Clayton

Intro Welcome back to another episode of the We Live to Build podcast. Building marketplaces is hard because you have multiple customer types you have to serve, and always at least one side that supplies a service or good, and one side that consumes the service or...

#65: Diversification Through Buying Real Estate with Stephen Keighery

Today's Guest Today’s episode is with Stephen Keighery, an Australian entrepreneur who started, grew, and IPO’d a company on the Australian Stock Exchange. And now he’s based in Louisiana buying houses, flipping them, and holding on to them. The reason why this is...

#64: The Psychology of Gaming and Business with Shlomi Ben Atar

Today's Guest This is a special episode because Shlomi and I geek out over the Psychology of gaming, why people love playing games, how the pandemic is changing gaming, and what you need to know about people who love games (in case you want to start your own game...

#63: Juggling a Company and a Family with Julien Salinas

Today's Guest Today I spoke with Julien Salinas, the founder and CEO of NLP Cloud, about what it’s like being an entrepreneur while being a parent. I loved this topic because both identities are important, but how does one reconcile in their mind having both hats at...


Validate your Business Idea

Before you start your new business, you MUST MUST MUST first validate it.

This worksheet will teach step by step how to go about the validation process so you save time and money and get to accelerate your launch!

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Define your Brand

After validating your idea, you have to define your brand.

This worksheet will help you quickly define what your brand stands for, who will it serve, and how will you differentiate yourself!