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As soon as I received my diploma in May 2008, I sold everything except the clothes on my back and moved to Wuhan, China.

12 years later, I’m extremely grateful for all the incredible experiences I’ve had.

My entrepreneurial journey began with an accident, but led me to this moment in time.

I’ve created this community for aspiring entrepreneurs so we can dive deep on all parts of the rollercoaster ride we’ve decided to get on.

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#84: Why You Need a Virtual Assistant with Pavel Stepanov

Hiring a Virtual Assistant used to be difficult for many reasons, but it’s become more popular over the last few years. There are many professional groups, platforms, and agencies that can help you find the person or people you need with the right skills to make sure...

#83: Why You Should Consider Venture Debt with Paul Ong

When startups think about how they will pay for things, they first think of bootstrapping with their own money. The goal is to either get to profit naturally, or raise money from investors in order to fuel further growth. Very few people think about venture debt, or...

#82: Include Your Family in Your Work with Rajat Mishra

Today’s guest is Rajat Mishra, the Founder and CEO of Prezent.ai, the presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams, which recently closed a $4.3M USD funding round. He’s also the President of Prezentium, a business presentation firm. He’s also the Executive...

#81: Why Your Company Needs a Podcast with Anthony Frasier

Anthony Frasier is the Founder and CEO of ABF Creative, a Webby award winning data-driven podcast network and production company that bridges the gap between culture and media. He also used to be a producer at NPR! We talked about: - Why your company needs a podcast -...