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Learn how to run a sustainable 7+ figure business

I’ve run multiple companies, and consulted many more.

Before that, I sold everything except the clothes on my back and moved to Wuhan at the age of 21.

14 years later, I’m extremely grateful for all the incredible experiences I’ve had.

My entrepreneurial journey began with an accident, but led me to this moment in time.

I’ve created this company to serve 7+ figure businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve operations, and profit more than they could ever imagine!

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#114: How to Run Great Exit Interviews with Davis Nguyen

Guest IntroDavis Nguyen is the founder of My Consulting Offer, which helps aspiring consultants get hired by management consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group. We discussed the importance of exit interviews and why you should be instituting...

#111: Estate Planning in a Crypto World with Michael Pearl

Guest IntroMichael Pearl is the COO of Kirobo, an Israeli startup developing a Smart Transaction Marketplace where anyone can do their estate planning using cryptocurrencies, and much more.What You Learn0:00 – Guest Introduction 0:16 - What is Kirobo 3:57 - How Kirobo...