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As soon as I received my diploma in May 2008, I sold everything except the clothes on my back and moved to Wuhan, China.

12 years later, I’m extremely grateful for all the incredible experiences I’ve had.

My entrepreneurial journey began with an accident, but led me to this moment in time.

I’ve created this community for aspiring entrepreneurs so we can dive deep on all parts of the rollercoaster ride we’ve decided to get on.

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#80: How Microdosing LSD Changed My Life with Mark Beneke

Mark Beneke is the owner of 2 car dealerships and numerous real estate properties. We delve into my favorite topic of 2021: psychedelics. I've been very curious about psilocybin and LSD this year, and I've put in a tremendous amount of research to learn about how they...

#79: The Right Way to Localize with David Garcia-Gonzalez

David Garcia-Gonzalez is the Co-Founder and CEO of GoLocalise, a firm which specializes in translation and localization. We talked about how to do translation and localization right, what happens when you fail to care about the details, and I share some funny stories...

#78: Adapt or Die with Kim Desmond

Kim Desmond is one of the co-founders of CodingNomads. CodingNomads teaches software development training courses both online and offline, and helps students prepare to launch a tech career. In this episode, we discussed not only how the pandemic forced her business...

#77: How to Conduct UX Research with Lindsay Allard

Lindsey Allard is the Co-Founder and CEO of PlaybookUX. PlaybookUX allows you to conduct video-based user testing and interviews with your target audience. Website: PlaybookUX LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindseyallard2 And remember, Entrepreneurship is a...