#48: Developing Your Corporate Identity with Hope Timberlake

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Podcast

Today’s Guest

Welcome back to another episode of the We Live to Build podcast.

The first thing anyone hears about your company is the brand name and your messaging.

Developing a corporate brand identity, training your team to understand and internalize it, and creating multiple versions based on who you are talking to is crucial to your success.

(Remember we’ve spoken about personal branding before with Stacey Ross Cohen from episode #39, so if you haven’t heard it yet, go do it now!)

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about how to handle these things with Hope Timberlake, the founder of Forte Consulting, which helps executives hone their team alignment, branding, presentation, and other various leadership skills.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Hope!

Books recommended:

  • Chip and Dan Heath – Made it Stick
  • Chip and Dan Heath – The Power of Moments

We talk about:

  • What is a corporate brand identity?
  • How do you develop your corporate brand identity?
  • What is the logical order of how to establish a corporate brand identity?
  • How do you differentiate your messaging based on who is the audience?
  • Why you should create a repository for messaging?
  • How do you test your messaging for clarity?
  • How to train your team to parrot your messaging?
  • Why you should use video to train for messaging?
  • Why you should ask people individually about their understanding of the messaging?
  • How do you put it all together to develop a pitch deck and talk to investors?
  • What is the best storytelling formula?

And remember, Entrepreneurship is a Marathon, not a Sprint, so take care of yourself every day, so that you can live and love, and have the energy and the passion to run your business, and to invest in your team, and to find a way to appreciate those moments of happiness.

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Sean Weisbrot

Sean Weisbrot

Sean is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor based in SE Asia for over 12 years. He is passionate about Psychology and helping others improve themselves.

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