#27: Love Your Journey with Jason Todd

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Podcast

Guest Intro

Jason Todd is the Founder and Managing Director of Thinker Ventures, which connects aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses and mid-marketing executives with education, opportunity, and implementation services across a variety of disciplines Before that, he started numerous multi-million dollar businesses like Alpine Home Air Products and has coached dozens of entrepreneurs.

What You Learn

  • The amazing way his family dealt with internal arguments that set him up for life
  • How despite this, he still found himself struggling to understand other people
  • The most important lesson he’s learned in life
  • How he learned to become a salesman?
  • How did he get the idea to start his first company?
  • What was the hardest lesson he learned from starting his first company?

Episode Links

Coffee With Humans: https://coffeewithhumans.com
Thinker Ventures: https://thinkerventures.com


Transcript coming soon..

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