#25: Making Your Business Work For You with Ryll Burgin-Doyle

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Podcast

Guest Intro

Ryll Burgin-Doyle is an Australian entrepreneur and coach, and the Co-Founder of Burgin & Doyle, a Business and Brand Strategy firm. For the last 29 years, she has been growing her own or other people’s enterprises … from startups to thousands of SME’s to $100M, $400m and $1Bn businesses. She’s spoken on world stages on business growth, she’s a published author, and an expert on the subject. She helps business owners become CRYSTAL CLEAR on where they want to be in predefined periods of time. Then they work together to identify the key leverage points and exact steps to achieving their goals.

What You Learn

  • How to figure out a baseline for your business
  • The best time to think about your business goals
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are more successful than you
  • The fastest way to reach your business goals
  • Analyzing data to drive your strategy
  • The most important data points to measure
  • Ryll’s top 3 favorite things to focus on with clients

Episode Links

Burgin and Doyle: https://burginanddoyle.com


Transcript coming soon..

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