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Why Hire Sean

Sean has been an educator, a speaker, an author, and an event organizer for China’s largest offline English speech event he co-founded called IdeaXchange.

Sean has trained over 60 speakers, and has given dozens of speeches in his lifetime.

Sean is a highly engaging, energetic, emotive, expressive, and vulnerable speaker who knows how to keep a crowd’s attention.

He shuns Powerpoint presentation in favor of speaking directly to the audience. He has lived in China, Vietnam, and now Portugal, among the 37 other countries he’s spent time traveling in.

He’s fluent in Mandarin, and used to be fluent in German and Spanish, and has given speeches in English and Mandarin. He has started numerous companies, one of which sold over $15M USD in services in the 2 years that he ran it.

He’s since invested in 5 companies, two of which have been acquired.

From running, investing in, and advising companies from all over the world, he has a plethora of stories from which to drawn upon to share wisdom with your audience, and it will be something they’ll never forget.


These are just some of the topics Sean has given speeches about in the past. If you would like to get more specific, please let us know and we will happily discuss it!


Govt forum on business (汉语)

Govt forum on expat life (汉语)

Travel (汉语)

Entrepreneurship (EN)

Emotional Intelligence (EN)


China’s largest ENG speech event

with dozens of volunteers

700 attendees every month

and tons of earned media!