Your learning disabilities are a superpower with Euan Cameron

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Euan Cameron

Founder & CEO
Willo allows companies to hire PEOPLE, not CVs, through an awesome process involving video.

Sean has founded multiple companies and done multiple 8 figures worth of business.

He’s currently advising, consulting, and investing in business just like yours.

He knows where you’ve been, and he knows where you’re going.

Book a call with him today to see how he can help you get there smarter, faster, and in a way that aligns with your life goals.


00:00 – Introduction
03:39 – Struggling with Undiagnosed Dyslexia
06:47 – Dealing with ADD and gifted classes
10:02 – From Diagnosis to Success: Overcoming Dyslexia’s Challenges
13:15 – Role Models and Coping Mechanisms for ADD and Dyslexia
16:31 – Adaptive techniques for dyslexia and ADHD
19:51 – Managing Dyslexia while Running a Business
23:00 – Organization and Coping Mechanisms
26:15 – Microdosing Mushrooms for a Peaceful Mind
29:18 – The Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms for Cognitive Issues and ADD
32:11 – Dyslexia & Hiring: How Neurodiverse Issues are Overlooked in the Job Market
35:27 – Limitations of the traditional hiring process and the need for innovation.
38:26 – Using Willow to Hire Employees and Improve Company Culture
41:37 – Introducing Willow
44:31 – Daily Self-Appreciation Reminder


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