Working with Elon Musk, AI, quantum, and mars with Jeremy Lasman

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Jeremy Lasman

Founder & CEO
Quantum Star Systems
Jeremy Lasman is a former SpaceX technologist, and now the Co-Founder of Quantum Star Systems, which aims to employ cutting-edge quantum computing cloud services.

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00:00 – Working with Elon Musk and SpaceX
03:25 – The Passion Industry and Imagination Technology
07:13 – The Importance of Passion and Soul in the Age of AI
10:49 – Originality and Efficiency in Artistic Professions
13:27 – Simulating a Wormhole with Google’s Quantum Computer
14:09 – Explaining Quantum Computing to Business Owners
17:50 – The Intersection of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence
21:10 – The Accelerating Pace of Generative AI
24:50 – Quantum, AI, and the Possibility of Replicators
28:15 – The Entrepreneurial Angle to Destroying Scarcity and Disrupting Industries
31:54 – Multi-Planetary Vision with Elon Musk
35:08 – The Adventurous Spirit and Evolutionary Adaptation in Multi-Planetary Species
38:45 – Networking and the Future of Entrepreneurship


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