Psychedelics will be legalized with Dr. Linda Strause

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Dr. Linda Strause, Ph.D.


Dr. Linda Strause, Ph.D has a doctorate in Neurophysiology and Biochemistry. She is currently the President of PSLY, which is focused on creating synthetic psilocybin.

Sean has founded multiple companies and done multiple 8 figures worth of business.

He’s currently advising, consulting, and investing in business just like yours.

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00:00 – Introduction
03:37 – Drug Development
07:02 – Regulated Pathways
10:28 – Clinical Trials and FDA Approval Process
13:37 – Animal Testing
17:00 – Medical advancements
20:26 – Benefits of Psychedelic Therapy
23:43 – Side effects of Psychedelics vs Medicines
26:48 – Microdosing
30:09 – Nutrition and Supplementation
33:27 – Advocating for Psychedelics
36:35 – Food Science
39:36 – Body Composition
43:02 – Exercise and Weight Loss


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