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Henri Huselstein

Founder & CEO
Aucta helps companies spread technical knowledge internally to upskill and re-skill as many team members as possible.

Sean has founded multiple companies and done multiple 8 figures worth of business.

He’s currently advising, consulting, and investing in business just like yours.

He knows where you’ve been, and he knows where you’re going.

Book a call with him today to see how he can help you get there smarter, faster, and in a way that aligns with your life goals.


00:00 – Introduction
03:14 – From Marketing Budgets to Startups: A Founder’s Journey
06:16 – Understanding OpenAI’s ChatGPT Interface
09:30 – Breaking the Limitations of an AI System: God Mode and Control
12:37 – The Skill of Properly Using the System
15:26 – The Clever Move of OpenAI and the Future of Human-AI Collaboration
18:31 – Automating Inhumane and Monotonous Tasks, and the Potential for AI in Education
21:32 – The Potential Issues with Chat GPT’s Misinformation and Bias
24:47 – Using AI for Learning and the Importance of Being Aware of Bias
27:33 – The Importance of Media Competency and Bias in AI Systems
30:48 – The Danger of Biased and Monopolized Information Sources
33:58 – The Danger of a Singular Belief System and the Importance of Objectivity
36:48 – The Limitations and Bias in AI and the Importance of Broadening Our Consciousness
39:40 – The Fascination of Artificial Intelligence Development
42:37 – The Potential Dangers of AI-governed Humanity
45:27 – Connecting with Henry


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