#98: Creating a Partnership Between Male and Female Employees with Ray Arata

by | May 17, 2022 | Podcast

Guest Intro

Ray Arata is the Co-Founder of the Better Man Movement based in San Francisco. His company helps organizations focus on going beyond establishing equity and equality between the men and women they employ by pursuing partnership that creates powerful synergies by leveraging the differing competencies of men and women. He’s recently written and published the book Showing Up: How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace.

What You Learn

  • How to discover if there are problems?
  • How to handle people being hesitant to report problems?
  • How to handle people being unwilling to acknowledge problems?
  • What happens when a company has allegations but they aren’t real?
  • And much more!

Episode Links

Showing Up (Ray’s Book): https://amzn.to/3MoOiLu
Services: https://rayarata.com
Newsletter: https://bettermanconference.com


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