#74: How to Establish a PR Strategy with Loretta Markevics

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Podcast

Guest Intro

Loretta Markevics is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Sēd Communications, which focuses on helping startups quickly achieve hypergrowth through sharp public relations communications methods.

What You Learn

  • What makes you passionate about PR?
  • Why did you want to get involved with startups in particular?
  • What are good and bad PR methods?
  • Who should be responsible for the PR strategy, and at what time should you start thinking about it?
  • What’s the pros/cons of working with a firm rather than building PR in-house?
  • What are some red flags to look for when seeking out a PR firm?
  • What about social media and virtue signaling via joining the bandwagon?
  • What kind of pricing models do PR firms use, and what amount should early stage startups expect to set aside for a PR budget?

Episode Links

Sed Communications: https://sedcommunications.com
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/lmarkevics
Email: loretta@sedcommunications.com


Transcript coming soon..

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