#68: How to Adapt to the Great Resignation with Yossi Mlynsky

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Podcast


The way we work has changed, and I don’t think it’s going back.

In fact, I’m happy to see this revolution finally taking shape.

People are demanding higher wages, more autonomy, more flexibility, and a sense of purpose connected to their careers, and it’s way past the time that they did this.

What’s come with Covid is the Great Resignation, and what will come out of this is people doing work they love, even if it means a higher percentage of people end up working on multiple projects at the same time to ensure a more stable career, or working for themselves to build something they can take ownership of.

Either way, we must think differently about the ways in which we find people, the types of engagements we use to work with people, and the way we compensate them.

In this episode, I talk with Yossi Mlynsky, the Founder of UpStack, which helps companies build their dream product teams, about how the labor market has shifted, and how we need to adapt to stay relevant and competitive when trying to find great people in this decade.

– What are the different types of engagement? (Full-time vs Part-time vs Hourly vs Contract)
– What are the different types of In-house vs freelancers vs agency vs consultancy
– What are the different methods of finding people?
– How do you identify talent in people?
– I don’t think its good to hire out, change my mind
– How do you help people with no remote experience ease into it?
– Do you think the pandemic is pushing people to be freelancers?

And remember, Entrepreneurship is a Marathon, not a Sprint, so take care of yourself every day, so that you can live and love, and have the energy and the passion to run your business, and to invest in your team, and to find a way to appreciate those moments of happiness.

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Sean Weisbrot

Sean Weisbrot

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