#66: How to Build an 8-Figure Marketplace with Bryan Clayton

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Podcast


Welcome back to another episode of the We Live to Build podcast.

Building marketplaces is hard because you have multiple customer types you have to serve, and always at least one side that supplies a service or good, and one side that consumes the service or good.

There a probably a million ways that you can fail when trying to build marketplaces, which is why there aren’t more marketplaces out there, why the ones that succeed do very well, and why there is so much potential to take advantage of a niche while still being able to generate 8 or 9 figures a year in revenue.

Of course, it takes years of grueling work to make it to that point, if you ever get there, and it’s something Bryan Clayton, Co-founder and CEO of Your Green Pal, is very familiar with, because his company will do over $20M USD this year in revenue.

And oh yeah, he bootstrapped the business to profit.

Bryan was very blunt about the struggles they faced, and how they worked through them all, and how he would do it again if he had to so that you can learn to avoid specific pitfalls that cause other companies with this type of business model to fail miserably.

Even if you don’t plan to build a marketplace, you will still find his experience translates to entrepreneurship as a whole, so I urge you not to skip this episode!

And remember, Entrepreneurship is a Marathon, not a Sprint, so take care of yourself every day, so that you can live and love, and have the energy and the passion to run your business, and to invest in your team, and to find a way to appreciate those moments of happiness.

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Sean Weisbrot

Sean Weisbrot

Sean is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor based in SE Asia for over 12 years. He is passionate about Psychology and helping others improve themselves.

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