#53: Growth Hacking with Chris Out

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Podcast

Today’s Guest

Welcome back to another episode of the We Live to Build podcast.
I’m sorry for the recent slowdown of publishing episodes and late releases of the ones that do come out.
I’ve been extremely busy with my company and preparing it for the onboarding of a new Product Manager, which involves me doing a massive overhaul of our documentation, design, and product planning so they align and fit together in a nicely packaged bow so that when she starts working with us, she won’t inherit a mess, and this has been taking me a long time to complete on top of my normal duties as CEO.
I will do my best to get back to regular releases as soon as possible!
Thanks for bearing with me, as I love doing the podcast, and I have seen from our almost 4000 downloads that you love what we do too!
Now let’s get back to the intro for this episode.
I spoke with Chris Out, a Dutch Growth Hacking expert, guest lecturer, keynote speaker, and consultant about, you guessed it, growth hacking and setting up a marketing team.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Chris!
We spoke about: – What is growth hacking? – How do you create ideas around experimentation, and how do you know if the experiments work or not? – Why you should reverse engineer your first 10 customers process? – How does your competition do things? – Why you should talk to your competitors customers? – Why you should read Start From Zero? – Why Canny is great? – When should you start developing your Marketing department? – Why founders should do 1-to-1 business development? – Whether to hire Marketing people from bottom-up or top-down? – What is cohort-based analysis? – How to institute governance?
And remember, Entrepreneurship is a Marathon, not a Sprint, so take care of yourself every day, so that you can live and love, and have the energy and the passion to run your business, and to invest in your team, and to find a way to appreciate those moments of happiness.

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Sean Weisbrot

Sean Weisbrot

Sean is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor based in SE Asia for over 12 years. He is passionate about Psychology and helping others improve themselves.

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