#26: How to Sell an 8 Figure Business with Eric Vardon

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Podcast

Guest Intro

Eric Vardon is the Co-Founder of Morphio, the world’s first advanced marketing security software. He’s also an investor in and advisor of EventConnect, a tournament software solution platform that lets event organizers coordinate teams, hotels, and revenue. He’s also an investor in and advisor of Republix, which connects businesses to marketing agencies with guaranteed results. He’s also the Co-founder and former CEO/President of Arcane, a digital goals-first marketing agency. Please note this business was acquired for 8 figures in early 2020.

What You Learn

  • Who inspired him to become an entrepreneur
  • How clients’ mindset shifting forced our businesses to move to showing value and transparency
  • Why he never raised outside funding for his companies
  • How he decided to step back as CEO and hire someone to run day to day for Arcane
  • What the process for selling the business was like
  • Was he satisfied with the amount he earned from the exit?
  • Sean talks about why Blockchain and Bitcoin is so hot at the end of 2020

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