#100: Turning 1k into 150m in 2 years with Omri Shafran

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Podcast

Guest Intro

Omri Shafran is an Israeli serial entrepreneur based in the US who is currently the CEO of Texas Medical Technology, a company that produces personal protective equipment as well as physical machines that dispense the equipment safely. He’s also the CEO of iNitrile, the CEO of SureSpot, and owns and manages many different real estate properties. He’s also gone to Harvard Business school!

What You Learn

  • How he got into doing PPE
  • What made him want to create the machines
  • Where healthcare is going next

Episode Links

Texas Medical Technology: https://texasmedicaltechnology.com
Email: Omri.shafran@texasmedicaltechnology.com


Transcript coming soon..

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