Master Your Psychology To Master Your Business





Many entrepreneurs are forced to learn alone, and the journey is very isolating.

As a result, we often make bad decisions because we don’t have the benefit of other people who have the experience we lack to act as a sounding board and help us get to the best decisions as soon as possible.

This limits burnout from happening and makes it much more likely your business will succeed and your dreams come true.

By joining a community of entrepreneurs, you get the benefit of learning not just from us, but also from each other.

We specialize in combining Psychology with entrepreneurship so you can better understand WHY you are making bad decisions and how you can reframe your mindset in order to be a better leader and human being in the process.


As you learn with us, we will encourage you to pair up and share what you have learned with others in the community, because teaching what you know is the best way to cement that knowledge while making new friends.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely journey because everyone in the WLTB community is here to help you succeed!


By helping others, they will want to help you, and science has proven that givers want to help other givers succeed.

(Don’t believe me, go read Give and Take, by Adam Grant, Ph.D)

Through interactions with Sean, our guests, experts, community leaders, and other members, you will accelerate your personal and professional growth, causing you to quickly blow past your current blockers and reach far beyond what you thought was possible.

No matter what industry you are focused on, we have content that will help you grow fast.

We have helped companies multiply their earnings, and we know we can help you do it too.


Wesley Zhang

Founder/CEO, WMZ Agency

You brought a lot of value, and gave me clarity on some decisions I was having trouble making.

Tyce Treadway

Co-Founder/CMO, TopView0

Sean did a great job today explaining and helping me understand some flaws within my business, helping me understand what I can do to improve, and fix some of the issues I’m having.

Sov Sam

Owner, Click Rescue

Sean was able to clarify what I was doing wrong and how I should set my goals going forward.

Ricky Cortes

Co-Founder/CEO, GIFTED

Sean Weisbrot, he’s the man who always steps out of his comfort zone. Sean taught me we don’t have to wait, we just get out there and do it, and learn along the way.

Yannis Georgopoulos

Founder/CEO, YGI Ltd.

He took me to a higher picture where I can see a higher mode of thinking, where I can see these mental blocks and patterns I have.

Anmei Yang

Owner, Blue Scallop Digital LLC

He has challenged me to think bigger and strive for more so I can be financially independent and start my own business.

Ready to get started?

Join our global community of entrepreneurs learning, sharing, and growing together!


WLTB Entrepreneur Community

Being a member of this community is going to change your life and you will blow past your current plateau, whether you are ready for it or not!

We will be providing many opportunities to learn, network, share what you’re learning, share your goals, your wins, your losses and learnings, to give each other feedback, to set up mini-Masterminds, and much more! Get ready for a wild ride!

Entrepreneur Psychology Interviews

Every entrepreneur has to battle their own psychology, beliefs, and fears in order to succeed.

In these special interviews, I ask successful 7, 8, & 9 figure entrepreneurs questions that make them tick, and help you understand the minds behind the companies so you can learn how you need to grow in order to make your companies grow.

Live AMAs with Sean

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll come across different struggles.

In these livestreamed AMAs, Sean will answer your most burning questions about how to cross the hurdles facing your business, get unstuck, and take action so you can speed up your growth process.

BONUS: Entrepreneur Surveys

Ask us all the burning questions you can!

The most interesting questions will be posed to our special list of entrepreneurs.

We then put together the best answers and share the results back with you!

BONUS: Resources List

Access our special, curated list just for our members that includes the best software and service providers for your business and get special deals from our partners, and we’ll add new types of things to the list over time too!

BONUS: Content Vault

No matter when you join the WLTB Community, you’ll have full access to our entire vault of knowledge spanning all these great content types mentioned above!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We will provide a lot of opportunities for you to learn, share, and grow by yourself and alongside the other entrepreneurs.

For you to get the best value out of this membership, we ask that you be commit to actively engaging in the learning process and also help others in the community.

Can I get a refund?

If you’re not happy with our community at any time, you can submit a request for a refund from the most recent billing cycle.

Why Discord? What is Discord?

Discord is the messaging app we use to manage the community because it allows us to have a great amount of control and moderation features to ensure the best possible experience for you.

If you don’t have a Discord account already, we will help you set it up! You can download the app here: https://discord.com

Can I upgrade my membership?

We currently only offer a single membership plan. In the case you want to work with Sean 1-on-1, you will need to submit an application.

Spaces are very limited, and the cost is very high, so we are very picky about who we select to coach.

Ready to get started?

Join our global community of entrepreneurs learning, sharing, and growing together!