Want a strategic pre-seed angel investor?

We’ve invested in great companies since 2017

Investment Philosophy

We believe in investing in bootstrap to profit, cash flow generating businesses that are early in their journey.

They may already have some customers and revenue, but are lacking somewhere in their business to reach the next level.

We are industry agnostic because we believe in diversifying our risk.
We love recession proof businesses!

We invest up to $25,000 USD in each company, and only invest in a few companies per year.

That way, we can spend quality time with each team, getting to know them, and then helping them with advice and connecting them to our network so they can get help with whatever they need to speed up growth.

Active Portfolio

Invested 2023


Ceteri is a consulting firm focused on helping companies create AI strategies and implementing them. We also head hunt for AI, ML, and Data Science professionals.

Invested 2023


Optimai is a service agency which is focused on automations, integrations, and AI/BI implementations for SaaS, Agencies, and Entreprise brands.

Invested 2023

Flip It

Flip It sells liquidated goods at wholesale prices to retail consumers across Canada.

Past Investments

Invested 2019  Acquired


Brandmasters incubates and accelerates Amazon FBA brands.

Invested 2018  Shut down


Nerv is the central nervous system for your teams’ collaboration.

Invested 2017 Acquired


Noiz provides marketing solutions to companies using Blockchain technology so ads are known to be legitimate.


Are you looking for some cash and a great partner?

Step 1

Time commitment: 10 minutes

Step 2

We’ll review your form submission and let you know within 48 hours if we’re interested in having a call with you.

Time commitment: 48 hours

Step 3
Intro Call

During this call, we’ll see if there is a personality fit as well as a cultural fit. We’ll get to understand your vision, mission, current situation, and if there’s something we can help you with beyond just giving you cash.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours

Step 4

If we like what we’ll see, we’ll send you an official LOI. The LOI is a non-binding agreement which states our offer, pending completion of Due Diligence. If you sign the LOI and send it back to us, we’ll move on to the next step.

Time commitment: 1 hour

Step 5
Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence is an exhaustive process that will require you to prepare a lot of documents that will help us make an informed decision about our potential risks and rewards. If you pass this, we’ll move to the last step.

Time commitment: 1-2 weeks

Step 6
Share Purchase Agreement

Either you will send us a Share Purchase Agreement and we’ll review it, or we’ll send you our version and you will review it. Once we agree on all the terms, we’ll both sign and then send you the money.

Time commitment: 1 hour

Step 7
Send Money

We’ll wire you the money within a few business days.

Time commitment: 3-5 business days

What founders are saying

“Sean is very intelligent, organised, attentive to detail, trustworthy, and reliable.

His personalised attention, investment, and dedication is what makes Sean stand out as someone remarkable.”

“It’s very complicated to launch this kind of future facing business that is heavily reliant on tech and talent.

Sean instantly grasped my vision & with his patient ear, I’m building something great that will help many companies in the long run.”

“Sean entered the business when we were struggling to grow and did a thorough analysis.

Based on that, it became clear we needed to move to a larger city to have a larger customer base. We are poised for massive growth in 2024.”


How much do you invest?

Up to $25,000 USD.

How many companies do you invest in per year?

No more than 4 so we can spend personal time with each one, making sure they get up and running and don’t need us so much.

What is your investment process?

First we see if you are interesting to us, then we talk with you to see if there’s a cultural fit.

Next, we’ll submit an LOI and then do Due Diligence, followed by signing an agreement and then sending the money.

We hope to complete investments in less than 1 month.

Why do you invest in such early stages?

So many first time founders struggle to go from idea to launch, and since most investors are afraid of this risk, we found it’s a fantastic time to invest.

By applying what we’ve learned from the other companies w have founded or invested in, we know how to get you from idea to launch with very little risk, and then we feed you clients to the best of our ability, but from there it’s on you to grow the business.

Doing all this allows us to invest a little bit of money for a good chunk of equity.