Investment Philosophy

We believe in investing in bootstrap to profit, cashflow generating businesses that are early in their journey.

They may already have some customers and revenue, but are lacking somewhere in their business to reach the next level.

We are industry agnostic because we believe in diversifying our risk.

We love recession proof businesses!

Our goal is to invest $25,000 USD in each company, and only invest in a few companies per year.

That way, we can spend quality time with each team, getting to know them, and then helping them with advice and connecting them to our network so they can get help with whatever they need to speed up growth.


Optimai Ventures

Invested 2023

Optimai provides automation and integration services to medium and large sized companies in an effort to increase efficiency and profitability.

Flip It!

Invested 2023

Flip It! buys liquidated items from retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Lowes, and then sells them under retail price in physical stores in Canada.


Invested 2019 (Acquired 2023)

Brandmasters is an ecommerce brand incubator based in SE Asia. The core ecommerce product was Blupond, which sold exclusively on Amazon.


Invested 2018

Nerv is your team’s central nervous system. We provide seamless collaboration through deeply integrating your favorite tools directly into our communication tools.


Invested 2017 (Acquired 2022)

Noiz provides marketing solutions to companies using Blockchain technology so ads are known to be legitimate.

Current Situation?

We’re currently not entertaining new investments at this time because we’re busy working with our recent investments.

Please bookmark this page and check back around September 2023!