Validate your Business Idea

I wanted to talk to you today about something that should be close to EVERY entrepreneur’s heart.

Something that NEW entrepreneurs don’t often think about before rushing in foolishly is also one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your business: validating your IDEA!

Building your business WITHOUT first validating it is like riding a bicycle while BLINDFOLDED.

The end result is NOT going to be pretty because you’ll FAIL to understand if your product or service is actually USEFUL and desired.

It will HURT deeply because of the time, energy, and money you’ll WASTE as a result, not to mention it will strain your relationships with those who invested in you.

So let’s TAKE OFF off the blindfold and prevent that huge mistake from happening in the first place!

But you must be asking to yourself right now, how do I GET STARTED validating my idea?

It’s quite simple, first, you go down to the form on this page and SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER so we can give you a TOTALLY FREE and excellent Idea Validation worksheet we developed that is WORTH EASILY $97 USD by itself.

We’re giving away this excellent
Idea Validation worksheet right now for FREE!

This worksheet will help you take advantage of my background in Psychology to painlessly narrow down how to define specific aspects of your business, like:

  • Who is your potential initial target customer?
  • What is the target customer’s potential pain point (struggle)?
  • How are they currently trying to solve their problem?
  • And much more!

Once you’ve filled in your answers to all the questions on the FREE worksheet we are giving away to you here, go out and CONTACT POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS and survey them based on the questions you filled out.

After that, you CONFIRM whether or not you proved or disproved your idea.

IF YOU PROVED IT, fantastic!

Get started immediately by developing your MVP concept.

IF YOU DISPROVED IT, figure out whether it’s a total lost cause, or if you discovered an interesting pattern that will lead you to a pivot which will ultimately make your product or service much more desirable.
If you still aren’t convinced about this TOTALLY FREE opportunity, scroll down to see what people are saying about the Idea Validation worksheet.

If you don’t see any testimonials, that’s because you haven’t given us your feedback yet!

What people are saying about the FREE Idea Validation worksheet

I was having some doubts about my ideal client and We live to build helped me organize my ideas better, and be able to find the ways to validate my business idea. In this way, helped me save some time as I was not targeting the right market.

Mariel Olivera

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