Define your Brand

I wanted to talk to you today about something that should be close to every entrepreneur’s heart.

Something that many entrepreneurs struggle with is also one of the most important aspects of your business: establishing and defining your BRANDING IDENTITY.

Your BRANDING is the FIRST thing any potential customer would interact with, and it literally MAKES OR BREAKS your sale.

INCORRECT BRANDING means that customers won’t INSTANTLY understand what your company does, and increases the chance they will LEAVE quickly.

Imagine for example a shoe company.

They may have a perfectly nice name, logo, website, paid advertising, and athletes promoting them.

But a tiny MISTAKE they made was in their content strategy, which saw them publishing and promoting all sorts of content about shoes, some of which talks about making shoes.

If you saw this type of content, wouldn’t you be CONFUSED about WHAT their brand stands for, WHO they serve, and WHY?

Is this a company that SELLS shoes?

Is this a company that helps shoe companies MANUFACTURE shoes?

Is this a company that PROMOTES your shoe products for you?

Since their messaging and content aren’t CLEAR, you’d probably go look for a shoe company that makes it obvious that they are selling shoes they made.

If this happened to your brand, it would be DEVASTATING, and chances are it would take a lot of time and energy to discover WHY your sales are flat.

Identifying and establishing your brand SEEMS so simple, but why is it actually so HARD?

Well, it’s HARD because we must first understand the PSYCHOLOGY of our target audience.

EVERY WORD we use (or don’t use), EVERY COLOR we show them (or don’t show them, it’s all EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

If we don’t know how to EXPRESS our brand, WHAT WE DO, and WHY, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to grow our business.

So how can I prevent this from happening in the first place?

We’re giving away this excellent
Branding Identity worksheet right now for FREE!

This worksheet will help you take advantage of my background in Psychology to painlessly narrow down how to define:

  • What does your brand stands for?
  • How can your brand help people?
  • Why should people trust your brand?
  • And much more!

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What people are saying about the FREE Branding Identity worksheet

“The Branding Identity Worksheet helped me to see my brand from the customer’s point of view.

Using the sheet I was able to understand how exactly I want my brand to be seen by others.

Being able to do that supported me with designing the look and feel of not only the brand image itself, but also the website and the brand’s appearance in social media.”

Andreas L.

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