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Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income was admittedly a podcast started many years ago to teach people how to create online businesses that were as automated as possible.

Most of the time, they talked about small business problems and automation problems, as well as psychology for marketing, sales, funnels, newsletters, etc.

More recently, the host Pay Flynn has been pushing the boundaries by reaching out to more successful entrepreneurs and looking at startups.

No matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, you will quickly find his charm impossible to defend against, and you WILL learn something from him.

Social Triggers

Social Triggers is a website dedicated to combining Psychology (marketing) and business.

The founder is Derek Halpern, a New Yorker with a big presence and a sense for flamboyance (we say that with love).

He has a way of breaking down complex ideas into simple bites so anyone can understand and utilize them.

Admittedly, the last podcast was released in 2013, BUT the podcast archive is still very valuable today.

Let’s not forget the SocialTriggers.com website with tons more content that was posted from 2011 to 2019.


IAMCEO was started years ago by Gresham Harkness, Jr.

He interviews CEOs of a wide variety of industries and from a variety of stages in the lifecycle of a business.

The focus is giving them a chance to share the reality of their daily lives, while being able to promote what their company does.

Episodes are recently several times a week, are short and sweet, and you may just find some great nuggets of wisdom!

20 Minute VC

20 Minute VC is a podcast hosted by Harry Stebbings, a curious young British VC with a keen eye for seed stage startups.

He typically publishes two interviews a week, and even though his podcasts are actually never shorter than 30 minutes, they are always very interesting.

Not to mention, he usually has great guests on!

Starting Greatness

Startup Greatness was founded by Mike Maples, Jr. an American VC.

The slogan of the podcast is: “The podcast dedicated to ambitious founders who want to go from nothing to awesome, super fast.”

He generally invites high profile people to be guests on his show, and they talk mostly about how to build a big company fast.

His podcast only releases a full interview once a month, but then he also creates a shorter version of the interview in the form of a monologue where he summarizes the most important points in only 5 minutes.

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