We have compiled an excellent list of FREE platforms you can use to work smarter!


Angelist is THE website to be on if you own a startup.

Not having a profile there basically tells the world you don’t exist.

It also makes it easier to find and contact investors so you can raise funds.


Crunchbase is an interesting platform that allows users to find out if potential investors have recently raised a new fund, how much they raised, who they have invested in, and when they made that investment.

It’s also useful for seeing if your competitors have recently raised funds, how much in total they raised, and from which investment firms.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a platform that helps companies launch their products and show the world they exist.

In practice, it’s great for scouting out potential up and coming competitors, as well as promotingyour own brand.


Dribbble is a really cool platform that lets you not only view the portfolios of freelance designers and design studios, but you can also hire them to do work.

We have had nothing but great experiences on this platform, and the designers get to show off the latest trends as they happen.

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