We have compiled an excellent list of FREE news feeds you can follow to work smarter!

Feedly app

Feedly is a News Feed app on Android, iOS, and there is a webapp.

Don’t let the website fool you because it’s absolutely free to use for most of us normal end users.

This is a beautiful, clean, and simplistic app that I’ve been using for years to organize my news feeds!

Business Insider

Business Insider has a free version and paid version.

It has a lot of great content related to US business, but also global business.

While I’m not an affiliate, I personally pay for the premium version because they go into great detail for each article, and none of the premium content is visible to free users.


Entrepreneur is one of the go-to websites for learning new ideas and skills for becoming a better entrepreneur (but it’s very different from We live to Build, so I don’t mind sharing you with them!) is heavily focused on starting, growing, and learning about company building, with a little finance mixed in.

They try to be edgier and more focused on the next generation, unlike Forbes.

It might give you some insight into what today’s crazy kids are up to.


Forbes is the website to read if you love global business, especially targeting the upper echelon of companies.

The first time you read it, it might feel like you are being elitist, but if you are a true entrepreneur, you’ll soon feel comfortable here.


Engadget is a great place to keep up to date with all things gaming and tech hardware, with some business thrown in.

Whether or not you are a gamer, you should keep your mind open to understanding different industries in the world. is a wonderful website for keeping up to date with all things Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy.

How is this relevant to entrepreneurship?

Everything eventually leads back to it, so get reading!

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