Entrepreneurs share why they hate Discord

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Blog

Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta

CEO of Incrementors

Although Discord has a pleasing interface, it still is a bit difficult to use.

I found a few options presented in such a way that can confuse the users, especially the newbies.

Therefore, I think the developers need to work on its interface to make it easier and more minimal.

Discord doesn’t tell you when a screenshot is taken as Snapchat does.

You can make a Direct message group chat that if someone adds you, you are forced to join even after leaving repeatedly.

You can’t send larger files unless you buy the Nitro which gives you a bunch more abilities on Discord.


Andrew Fan

Andrew Fan

CEO of UpsilonIT

The most annoying thing I face daily in Discord is the impossibility of adding people to a group chat in one click.

First, you need to add your friends one by one to your ‘Friends List’ even if those people are already on your server.

People can miss notifications, and until they accept your invitation, you can’t start a group chat.

In a dynamic business environment, that may negatively impact the quality and speed of decision-making.

What can be the solution?
I think adding to group chats needs to be more straightforward for simple users.

For example, a user can permit to be added to a group by anyone from a specific server.

Or creating a channel should be a thing that a simple non-admin user can do without digging into the permissions system and giving everybody one-by-one a right to read/write messages.


CJ Xia

CJ Xia

Owner of Boster Biological Technology

Discord is an amazing platform, but It has the worst customer support.

Recently, Discord disabled my account for being underage, and when I try to appeal, then I received an automated reply.

Although I sent them all the essential details in this detail to activated my account, I didn’t receive any reply.

Discord relies too much on third-party bots to handle and advance moderation and monitoring capabilities.

While many good third-party bots can handle all sorts of moderation and monitoring tasks, they often come with a lot of unnecessary junk that cannot be disabled, like music, games and live stream syncing function, etc.

Another reason to hate Discord is that you can’t name channels using non-English characters.

Even if I switch the system language to Chinees, for example, and change the server location to Asia, I still can’t give channels Chinese names.

Boster Biological Technology

Grant Bartel

Grant Bartel

Founder of Top Digital Real Estate

I started a Discord community of digital real estate investors some time ago, so I’ve gotten deep into the weeds of Discord as a whole.

There’s no doubt I’m a fan overall (otherwise I’d switch to a competitor), but I can definitely explain what I hate about Discord.

First off, the limit to how large files can be shared on the server is very low.

The last time I checked the limit was set to 8 MB, which is smaller than most other apps that provide the ability to share files.

This isn’t a huge issue for our community, but it’s come up.

Another big issue I have with Discord is how it’s impossible to generate truly unique links to our server to invite individual people.

For example, if you want to generate a link for 1 person who has 24 hours to click and join, you have to wait that whole 24 hours to generate ANOTHER unique link for ANOTHER person.

This makes it incredibly difficult to invite loads of people at once into a private server.

And finally the biggest issue with Discord is that you’re not able to host on your own servers, like on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.

What that means is you don’t really own ANYTHING that’s on your Discord server since Discord can simply snap their fingers and Thanos you in a second.

That should be a point of caution for any business owner using Discord.

Top Digital Real Estate

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