Entrepreneurs share how psychedelics helped them

Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen

Co-founder of Psychedelic Passage

I microdose psilocybin two to three times a week, loosely following James Fadiman’s microdosing protocol. I have been microdosing regularly for the past 3 years or so, and at first, my sole intention was to increase productivity. This strategy proved to be effective, and I found that with regular microdosing, my awareness, acuity, and cognition all operate at higher levels.

I am able to think about complex issues from various perspectives and angles and am better equipped to distill my insights into more direct and tangible action. I found that microdosing helps me stay organized, on task, and makes me feel like I have more fuel in my gas tank. These effects persist even on my “off” days where I don’t microdose.

Over time, however, I realized that only focusing on productivity was a somewhat limiting intention as it wasn’t just about work performance. I was receiving massive benefits beyond that. From microdosing psilocybin, my mood was more stabilized, I was more resilient when enduring stressful situations, and I felt more cogent in my speech and internal thinking.

What’s more is that my self-awareness and emotional intelligence were also positively impacted, which is a part of what allows me to continue to foster a deeper relationship with myself and others. Today, I am much more respectful and intentional when it comes to communing with psilocybin, whether in a microdose or macrodose context.

This allows me to have a more holistic relationship with the medicine. It is no longer a one-way street where it’s ‘all about me’ in receiving the benefits of psilocybin use. Now, my approach and intentions focus on using plant and fungi medicine in a way that directly serves and supports other folks in their own personal growth or spiritual journey.

Psychedelic Passage

Sean Dudayev

Sean Dudayev

Founder of Frootful Marketing

I’ve had a few experiences with psychedelics and they have been transformative every time.

I would always microdose with a goal in mind that had to do with some kind of work advancement or creative output.

However, what I found every time was it never gave me what I wanted out of it, instead, it would give me what I needed.

I would always walk with insight that more pertained to my life, or my outlook on it, rather than something as simple as my career or my business.

I find psychedelics are a tool, like a flashlight, that help you find what’s already there, you just couldn’t see it.

Frootful Marketing

Nicholas Levich

Nicholas Levich

Co-Founder of Psychedelic Passage

I’ve had over a hundred psychedelic experiences of both micro and macro doses with psilocybin, LSD, DMT, ayahuasca, ketamine, and MDMA.

In short, macro doses of these substances have been responsible for breaking through limiting beliefs, rewriting old patterns, overcoming fear, and generally stepping into the full force of my power as a human being.

These experiences have also reminded me how short life is and how important it is to use the limited time we have here on earth to truly chase our dreams in business and in life.

Microdosing psilocybin has allowed me to access to flow states on a regular basis—these states provide increased energy, focus, and creative problem solving. My experience with microdosing is that it allows me to get out of my own way. This is a major benefit when tackling a tedious project and allows me to spend much more time at the computer and serving clients.

Psychedelic Passage