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Scaling to 7 Figures

Transform Yourself from being a Maxed Out Owner
to an Effective CEO of a Business that Works Without YOU!


Did you know 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years?

I’m sorry to say this, but your business is almost definitely going to fail if you don’t know what you are doing…

Agencies are more likely to shut down from the business being too successful than from burning out due to lack of success.

One of the biggest problems you face is that performing all the functions for the business means you lack the time to work out how to improve the way the business operates.

This is unsustainable and leads to feeling “maxed out.”

If this feeling goes on for too long, it’s almost as bad as feeling “burned out.”

And then you can kiss that cash cow good bye forever.

In fact, there is a very simple solution for your pain, but executing on it requires a lot of time and space to think, plan, and put into action.

The reality is, the only way to break through this phase of your business is to work on yourself first, and then BUILD A TEAM.

Building a team will give you that free space to work out how to take your business to the next level, and doing it together with someone who’s been there already is your best chance for success.

The Program

“Scaling to 7 Figures” consists of three phases, in which we take you from running everything yourself to managing a team that does almost everything for you (depending on the nature of your business).
Phase 1 – “Personal/Professional Mastery”
In this phase, we will go through:

  • Your personal goals
  • Your professional goals
  • How to align those goals
  • Create a plan for how to build a stronger business that keeps both sides aligned
  • How to overcome any blockers to that success
  • And much more!

Phase 2 – “Business Mastery”
In this phase, we will conduct thorough audits on your:

  • Business Model
  • Client Journey
  • Brand Identity
  • Finances
  • Time Management
  • And much more!

Phase 3 – “Team Building Mastery”
In this phase, we will work on:

  • What kind of team you should develop
  • How you can find and hire the best people
  • How you should manage your team
  • How you can slowly remove yourself from the business
  • And much more!

Phase 4 – “Scaling What Works”
In this phase, we will focus on:

  • Understanding how your role changes as the company grows
  • Quick methods for increasing your revenue
  • Sharpening your processes so you can build a team faster and bring on more clients
  • And much more!

See What Others Are Saying

Tyce Treadway

Co-Founder/CMO, TopView0

Sean did a great job today explaining and helping me understand some flaws within my business, helping me understand what I can do to improve, and fix some of the issues I’m having.

Sov Sam

Owner, Click Rescue

Sean was able to clarify what I was doing wrong and how I should set my goals going forward.

Yannis Georgopoulos

Founder/CEO, YGI Ltd.

He took me to a higher picture where I can see a higher mode of thinking, where I can see these mental blocks and patterns I have.

Ricky Cortes

Co-Founder/CEO, GIFTED

Sean Weisbrot, he’s the man who always steps out of his comfort zone. Sean taught me we don’t have to wait, we just get out there and do it, and learn along the way.

Wesley Zhang

Founder/CEO, WMZ Agency

You brought a lot of value, and gave me clarity on some decisions I was having trouble making.

Anmei Yang

Owner, Blue Scallop Digital LLC

He has challenged me to think bigger and strive for more so I can be financially independent and start my own business.

Who is Sean?

I’m an American entrepreneur, advisor, investor, podcast host, speaker, and author living in Portugal.

I built multiple businesses, one of them generated $15M in 2 years and raised $6M in funding for companies.

In 2008, I got my Psychology degree, sold EVERYTHING, & moved to China.

I lived there for 10 years & am fluent/literate in Mandarin.

After 5 years in China (2013), I was fired after a enduring a life-changing concussion.

That pushed me to finally become my own BOSS.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve used my education in Psychology to understand myself and how people work so I can be trusted to develop great leaders and build great companies.

I’ve consulted many businesses, as well as advised business owners on a variety of topics from growth strategy, operations, revenue stream development, team building, minimalism, and more.

With my experience as an operator of a 7-figure business, my knowledge of Psychology, and the hundreds of hours of mentorship I’ve received from 7-9 figure CEOs, I’m the man to teach you how to take your baby and turn it into a money tree that serves your personal & professional goals while running without you.

What You Get

In these sessions, Sean will guide you through the program at the pace you feel comfortable with. You’ll be able to pick his brain about how to progress as wisely as possible.

Sometimes these sessions may not be easy, but vulnerability, honesty, & trust are key to getting the very best from Sean and yourself to maximize your growth potential.

Worksheets will be provided to you based on specific aspects of your journey and filled out in between coaching calls.

These will be valuable additions to the process because they prompt you to think about important questions which will aid you in reaching the next step of the process.

Sometimes the weekly sessions with Sean aren’t enough, or you have questions about the worksheets, or there’s an urgent problem plaguing your business you need advice about how to handle.

These are great reasons to reach out to Sean by text, and he’ll do his best to respond.

Awesome Bonuses

BONUS: Entrepreneur Community

We will be providing many opportunities to share your goals, your wins, your losses, and what you’re learning, to give each other feedback, to set up sub-groups, and much more!

BONUS: Psychology Interviews

Every entrepreneur has to battle their own psychology, beliefs, and fears in order to succeed.

In these special interviews, I ask successful 7, 8, & 9 figure entrepreneurs questions that make them tick, and help you understand the minds behind the companies so you can learn how you need to grow in order to make your companies grow.

BONUS: Live AMAs with Sean

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll encounter different struggles.

In these livestreamed AMAs, Sean will answer your most burning questions about how to cross the hurdles facing your business, get unstuck, and take action so you can speed up your growth process.

BONUS: Network Referrals

In order to grow your business, you will need every bit of help you can get.

As you deepen your work with Sean, he will be able to better understand what kinds of things or people you need access to, and do his best to introduce you to them accordingly.

BONUS: Access to Content Vault

No matter when you join the WLTB Community, you’ll have full access to our entire vault of knowledge spanning all these great content types mentioned above!


If you are open-minded, willing to put in the hard work, and implement our advice, your business WILL scale successfully to 7 figures per year within 12 months.

If it doesn’t, we will continue to work with you for free until it does.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You will work directly with Sean on 1-on-1 calls, and be provided worksheets and guides between calls to help you progress on your own.

Should you have questions related to what you’ve learned and are working on, you can contact Sean by text to receive additional support.

How do I know you can actually help me?

One part of this equation is instinct, another part is personality, and the last part is attitude.

Your instinct told you that I’m the right person to help you, you believe we have a good personality match so that you’d be willing to trust my advice, and you have the right attitude to put in the hard work to make it happen.

As long as these things are aligned and calibrated, I can absolutely help you.

I’ve worked with coaches before and never seem to get the results they promise.

Sean has founded a number of companies in different industries, so he understands businesses from the inside.

He’s also invested in 3 companies in different industries founded by other entrepreneurs, so he understands businesses from the outside.

On top of this, his background is in Psychology, so when you put these experiences together, he is the ultimate advisor because he will help you get a holistic view on your business and what needs to be done to quickly scale up operations and revenue.

Won't my clients leave if I stop serving them directly?

The reality is that your current clients trust you, and understand that in order to grow, you need to build a team. They will implicitly trust your team because of this.

What if I'm not great at managing my finances?

Having a firm grasp on your finances becomes increasingly more important as we build a team and scale the business.

We will do our best to help you understand why you are struggling in this regard, and help you review what you need to better manage them.

What if no one can do the job better than I can?

Of course you have your way of doing each part of your business, but maintaining control over everything is what lead you to this point in your business.

If you want to grow, you must trust that there are people out there who can not only follow your methods, but even improve upon them and impress the hell out of you!

What if my employees steal my clients and leave to start another company after I train them?

While there will certainly be some bad apples, by hiring the best people and training them properly, and giving them the freedom to grow, they will respect you and want to work with you rather than trying to build a business on their own.

What if hiring people makes me spend more time in the business, not less?

Of course having more people doing more things might feel like a huge headache because each new person on the team adds complexity to internal operations.

At the same time, if those are the right people in the right seats, the value they provide will actually REMOVE headaches, not CREATE more headaches.

What if I like keeping all the money for myself?

Certainly it feels good to be able to take home money on a consistent basis. But you have to decide whether you want 100% of a small amount of money, or some percentage of a LOT of money.

Building a team enables you to generate more money, which means you can bring home more money over time.

What if I can't find great people?

In this global environment, running an online business allows you to hire people from all over the world, so the candidate pool is massive.

While it may take time to find the best person for the job, you WILL find them eventually, and soon you’ll wonder how you ever worked without them!

What if I'm so successful that I can't handle the pressure?

Success can be overwhelming, especially when it happens faster than we expect.

There are numerous psychological implications for success, and we’ll address how to handle it so you can stay on track.

Act Now!

If you are an agency owner doing $20K per month and want to build a sustainable 7 figure per year business that can run without you, this is THE program for you.

Due to the high-touch nature of this program, we’re only able to work with 10 clients at a time, and we’re rapidly filling seats, so book your call now to ensure you can begin working with Sean as soon as possible and avoid being put on our waiting list.