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Smash Goals Quickly

We Help You Achieve Your Goals By Keeping You Accountable

Are you struggling to move your business forward because there’s too many things to do, and you don’t know what to focus on next?

Do you have tons of energy and passion for what you’re doing, and wish you knew you were making the best decisions for you and your business?

The fact is that while almost 90% business owners fail because they lack an experienced advisor to have THEIR BACK, 100% of business owners grow fast because they have someone there to keep them ON TRACK.

That’s why we’ve launched our straightforward accountability service, to help great business owners like YOU get access to the accountability partner you need who’s an investor, founder, and advisor, so he’s able to help you reach for the stars in the wisest way possible.

The Program

We’re all busy entrepreneurs, so we made “Smash Goals Quickly” an extremely simple service.

👋 Your own dedicated coach (Sean)
☎️ Deep-dive onboarding session
👩‍💻 Weekly 1:1 accountability calls
📝 Email summary and commitments of your goals for that week
📈 Productivity tools
🧠 Live Q&A sessions with 7 figure founder Sean
🔒 30-day risk-free guarantee – because we’re so confident you’ll find value in our accountability coaching


  • $999 USD per month (price is going up to $1,299 in June)
  • No Contract
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • 30 minutes per call to make sure we remain focused

What Others Say

Tyce Treadway

Co-Founder/CMO, TopView0

Sean did a great job today explaining and helping me understand some flaws within my business, helping me understand what I can do to improve, and fix some of the issues I’m having.

Sov Sam

Owner, Click Rescue

Sean was able to clarify what I was doing wrong and how I should set my goals going forward.

Yannis Georgopoulos

Founder/CEO, YGI Ltd.

He took me to a higher picture where I can see a higher mode of thinking, where I can see these mental blocks and patterns I have.

Ricky Cortes

Co-Founder/CEO, GIFTED

Sean Weisbrot, he’s the man who always steps out of his comfort zone. Sean taught me we don’t have to wait, we just get out there and do it, and learn along the way.

Wesley Zhang

Founder/CEO, WMZ Agency

You brought a lot of value, and gave me clarity on some decisions I was having trouble making.

Anmei Yang

Owner, Blue Scallop Digital LLC

He has challenged me to think bigger and strive for more so I can be financially independent and start my own business.

Who is Sean?

I’m an American entrepreneur, advisor, investor, & podcast host living in Portugal.

I built multiple businesses, one of them generated $15M in 2 years and raised $6M in funding for companies.

I currently operate 2 businesses, am invested in 2 business, & advise a number of businesses.

In 2008, I got my Psychology degree, sold EVERYTHING, & moved to China (lived there for 10 years & am fluent in Mandarin).

While in China, I was fired after a enduring a nasty concussion, which pushed me to become my own boss.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve used my education in Psychology to understand myself and how people work so I can be trusted to develop great leaders and build great companies.

I’ve consulted many businesses, as well as advised business owners on a variety of topics from growth strategy, operations, revenue stream development, team building, minimalism, and more.

With my experience as an operator of a 7-figure business, my knowledge of Psychology, and the hundreds of hours of mentorship I’ve received from 7-9 figure CEOs, I’m the man to teach you how to take your baby and turn it into a money tree that serves your personal & professional goals while running without you.

What You Get

In these sessions, Sean will guide you on how to become accountable for yourself, and will work with you to keep you accountable.

If there is any time left, he will offer some light advice for your current issues possible.

You will be given video recordings along with session notes for you to review at any time.


If you are open-minded, willing to put in the hard work, and stick with this program, your business WILL scale successfully.

If you aren’t satisfied at the end of the first month, we’ll give you all your money back.

How does it work?

You will work directly with Sean on 1-on-1 calls, and be provided a summary of the call to help you progress on your own.

How do I know you can actually help me?

One part of this equation is instinct, another part is personality, and the last part is attitude. Your instinct told you that I’m the right person to help you, you believe we have a good personality match so that you’d be willing to trust my advice, and you have the right attitude to put in the hard work to make it happen. As long as these things are aligned and callibrated, I can absolutely help you.

I’ve worked with coaches before and never seem to get the results they promise.

Sean has founded and invested in companies, as well as advised and consulted other companies.

Therefore, he knows many different angles of businesses in different industries, so he’s highly capable of understanding high level views as well as deep details in order to help you find problems and stay accountable for solving them.

Act Now!

If you are a business owner that’s looking to reach the next level quickly and know that having an experienced advisor and investor by your side to keep you accountable while giving you some light advice on how to get there, this is THE service for you.

Due to the high-touch nature of this program, we’re only able to work with 10 clients at a time, and we’re rapidly filling seats, so book your call now to ensure you can begin working with Sean as soon as possible and avoid being put on our waiting list.