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As soon as I received my diploma in May 2008, I sold everything except the clothes on my back and moved to Wuhan, China.

12 years later, I’m extremely grateful for all the incredible experiences I’ve had.

My entrepreneurial journey began with an accident, but led me to this moment in time.

I’ve created this community for aspiring entrepreneurs so we can dive deep on all parts of the rollercoaster ride we’ve decided to get on.

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#101: How to Handle Group Think with Dennis Lenard

Guest IntroDennis Lenard is the Managing Partner of Creative Navy, a design agency he as been running for 13.5 years which specializes in embedded GUI and web/mobile UX for the Medical, Marine, Industrial, and Automotive sectors.What You Learn What is group think? Why...

#100: Turning 1k into 150m in 2 years with Omri Shafran

Guest IntroOmri Shafran is an Israeli serial entrepreneur based in the US who is currently the CEO of Texas Medical Technology, a company that produces personal protective equipment as well as physical machines that dispense the equipment safely. He’s also the CEO of...

#99: Running a Group of Companies with Irakli Litanishvili

Guest IntroIrakli Litanishvili is the founder of the Aim of Emperor Group, which consists of 15 companies and over 250 employees across charter brokerage, international aircraft handling, aircraft/helicopter/yacht sales and acquisition, as well as travel and marketing...